Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Who needs alcohol when you're this cute!

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all! This is yet again a day I can claim some heritage and so to my family, old and new, I remind you of you irishness – that fun-loving, friendly atmosphere that can only come from a good pub and fiddle.

Some of my best trips have been to Ireland and I plan to go again some time soon. If there is anything better than trotting along in a traditional horse-led gypsy caravan trying to learn songs on the tin pipe, or cruising down hills on a bike in the summer sun, I haven’t found it. You do NOT need alcohol to have fun in Ireland, so here is my little warning – if you forget St Patrick’s Day because of alcohol, you’ve missed St Patrick’s Day!

God bless to the Harris’ and the Cronins both with descendants to the Emerald Isle!


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