Herman Friendship Cake, part 2.

Continuing from Herman Friendship Cake, part 1.
So the flavours I made were:

This was a thick cake due to the smaller dish used and took a little longer than the instructions suggested. It was moist and tasty but the white chocolate didn’t really come through against the sweet sharp apple but it is still quite nice. I ate it whilst it was still very warm so I have left the rest to cool to see if the taste comes through a little then

This was my husbands favourite although he still wasn’t completely sure about it. The chocolate was clear but the slice was much thinner due to a large dish and it hadn’t risen much. This is a little surprising as it is made with yeast AND baking powder but I haven’t really seen an example of Herman rising up much. The white and milk chocolate merged a little more than expected so if you want more of a contrast it might be worth going for white and dark chocolate instead.

Here’s a few photographs taken before and after baking (below). I’m sure they will be eaten pretty fast in our house so no worries about that! Any more tasty examples of experimenting with Herman? Let me know!


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