Funny Conversations With Hubby

Disclaimer: Although some of this may sound incredibly mean and harsh, please don’t read too much into it, we love each other very much, we just have a pretty banterous relationship. My husband is a bear: can look scary but basically just wants food, love and a hug 🙂 I decided to share a little of this because I find it funny, and I love remembering weird stuff.


E: You can do it! Once you do this you’ll have proof of concept and that’ll be a huge chunk done!
B: Brain is dead, head hurts! Can’t do it!
E: Yes you can! You can, you can! Then food will be a reward!
B: But it’s another chapter to read! Noooo!
E: You can do it! Then it’ll be over with! Yay!
B: You’re mean.
E: I love you, you can do it.
B: Fine! (Sulks) But I want some of your chocolate after, yeah you heard me I want your chocolate as a reward…
*Sees E’s awkward face*
B: You’ve eaten it all haven’t you. You bitch!
*Groans, animal noises and shrieks are heard around the flat as A flounces and stomps around*


E: Is it bad that if I mention babies you are happy but *meh*, but if I mention Silicon Valley you go all bouncy?
B: NO! I’d jump off the roof if I thought we were having a baby!
E: Errrr.. not sure that’s a great thing..
B: No! In a good way!
E: Riiiiight!


E: *lying in bed* Hug?
B: But if I do that I may not get up again..
E: Awww.. that’s adorable!
B: No.. I meant I thought you might hold me down.
E: Arse.


E: You woke me up!
B: Yes, but I didn’t get you out of bread.
E: Out of bread? I didn’t know I was inbred!
Hang on.. that means something else..


E: Can you put the potatoes in the oven, cos they’ll take awhile?
B: But I want to hug you!
E: Well you can hug me when you come back.
B: I will hug you, and love you, and you shall be my friend.
E: Friend?
B: Wife!


More to come in future weeks and months and years. Watch this space.


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