Progress in the Art Sphere!

I’ve been putting a lot more work into trying to make some of that paper stuff… you know.. money, recently as I finished my contract with Tayside YoungLives. It has included the recently posted Graduation Photography plan, and just spending far more time on art rather than just spare time I scrape together. I also decided to sign up for tutoring in Birmingham as soon as we’ve moved in, to increase my skills in teaching and show others how much fun art can be.

From this point forward there shall be a link on my Artist page of this blog sending all who click to my profile on First Tutors. This is rather exciting as I have only ever felt I could teach art because it is my passion. I had far too many teachers who just taught because it was a job, not because they really felt students could gain from knowing about science/maths/etc. If I’m going to teach I need my students to know I love it, I carried on with it, and I care about them and how they do in the subject too.

The other big part of today was creating four rather nice part-papercut, part-drawn art pieces, of which you can see below and will hopefully be print-worthy soon. Have a look and see what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome!


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