New Starts & Big Changes!

Being a little masochistic (not in a violent way) I decided to give myself yet another thing to do and refresh everything within this blog so far. I am aiming at creating a brand new layout, look, categories, and launching two new areas of my life:

  • The Two Towers: describing my new life in the place that inspired part of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s  Hobbit sequel, Birmingham.
  • The Food Diaries: a brand new venture in which my husband and I will be taking a trip each week and describing the best places to go, what we discover on their menus and a whole lot more to get your mouths watering! This section will come to life alongside the Birmingham Food Festival on the 14th July running all weekend.

I’m really excited to be starting this new chapter and I hope you will be too. In the meantime, the blog will go through some changes, so be patient and I promise it’ll all be worthwhile! Do have a look at the following links of events around Birmingham, I will be attending some and giving you the details as I go.

Birmingham Food Festival
Food Kitchen School Harborne
CBD Food Festival
Birmingham Chilli Festival 


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