I wish I could love you; The Critic Reviews Great Expectations

I wanted to see this film. I wanted to love it. But to be honest I came and left this film in the exact same way I came and left the book, and the many other adaptations of this Charles Dickens classic: sadly underwhelmed.

It was beautifully filmed, carefully showing the reality of the moors and London without glamourising them into glittery non-existence. Just as Pip scratched the moss from the engraving on his fathers gravestone, so the crew had obviously paid a lot of attention to the original, and took off enough of the dust to let it breathe in the modern way of filming, but not too much as too destroy the foundations.

The acting was also good. I was particularly interested to see Holliday Grainger play Estella having a lot of respect for her in The Borgias. Her innocent hard qualities seemed perfect for the role of this child trained to lure and drain men’s hearts, and she did well against the passionate and temperamental Miss Haversham. Young Pip was also wonderfully done and I really loved the friendship between him and Joe (Jason Flemyng).

Both these things are normally what bring me into the audience and allow me to leave singing it’s praises. But I just can’t. I am apathetic. I can understand why those who adore the book will also love this, and if that is you I recommend seeing it. It just didn’t fill me with passion, it didn’t teach me anything, and it didn’t blow me away. Which is a shame, but probably more to do with me than the film, or story, itself.

So this one, readers, I leave to you. If you see it in cinemas nationwide, let me know what you think. I will move onto other things instead. Ta ta!

Rating: ?


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