Ceilidh & Cwtch: Valentines

Ceilidh & Cwtch is the new all-encompassing name for the artwork by, well me! EKM Cronin. Inspired by my Scottish and Welsh connections, I aims to bring my designs both to larger group events and publicity as well as producing cosy, home related products for families.

Ceilidh (kay-lee): party, gathering, a particularly amazing time of dancing.
Cwtch (cu-tch): a cuddle, a hug, an intimate safe secret space.

Ceilidh & Cwtch: the best of both.

Here’s the first two product designs for Valentine’s cards from Ceilidh & Cwtch. These first two were inspired by the love I hold for Scotland, especially around this time of year (Burn’s Night for those of you that don’t know). A few more will be added tomorrow, and then there’ll be a little bit of Welsh-ness to even things out (and stop me being questioned on loyalty by Welsh relatives!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can order any of these designs by visiting my Facebook page and messaging me there.

More will be coming soon, so watch this space!

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