A Tiny Bit Marvellous, Dawn French

2/52, 7th Jan 2014, Week 1 (just)

I read my way through this surprisingly quickly despite feeling it was a bit of a slow start. Dawn French introduces you to a family of four (plus Poo the dog) in a collection of diary entries from each. It meanders its way through the connecting lives of three very different people in some very amusing ways, and then manages to surprise you with a few added extras.

It is an honest book that doesn’t try to be funny, it simply is: both because most people can relate to at least a little of each persona but also because of the hilarious irony of it all. A child psychologist writing a book on how to bring up teenagers whilst barely having a relationship with her own. An eighteen year old girl who doesn’t seem to understand a thing her mother says but needs to hear at least some of it. An eccentric boy “in love” with a vision of beauty but who detests shallowness. And Nanna and Dad – the somewhat saner voices in the story. They are endearing and I already have plans to pass this book to my mother… who I should apologise to for all my craziness.


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