The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, James Thurber


4/52, 18th Mar 2014, Week 11 (about 8 books behind)

So I must confess something to you, in fact two things: firstly I am extremely far behind but making good progress in catching up as I read this in only a small portion of two days. Secondly I was very tempted to lie and suggest that I had read 19 books when I had read this one. I could have gotten away with it as well as there is something deceptive about this book: it’s title. Only 5 of the 112 pages is actually the story of Walter Mitty. This is a book of short stories and therefore a little difficult to describe. But I will try.

James Thurber looks at some really interesting parts of human existence: our strange phrases, the odd thoughts that might pass through our minds, the stuff we tell each other about our days, and our darkest thoughts at the worse times in life. To call this dark comedy is perhaps too simple a category, but it is comedic in parts and I would recommend it, particularly to those who might take inspiration and make millions like those in Hollywood already have.

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