Sandy Baby: Slow & Social

Asleep on the kindness of friends. Copyright EKMCronin 2014.
Asleep on the kindness of friends. Copyright EKMCronin 2014.

Day 3.

Friends are wonderful. Bear, Cub & I started the day off with a trip to a friend’s house for a very yummy brunch. Introducing Cub to another adorable little girl was wonderful and gave us so much more confidence in being able to cope with a little girl running around (a little worry of mine having never really been particularly girly). It was great to chill out, catch up, giggle and play. If I must mention food I guess I will comment on the fluffy, flavour-some, amazing scones bought from Northpoint on the way down the street (cherry & chocolate, and walnut & caramel). If you can wander past a cafe and pass the sign for fresh scones without pausing you are a stronger person than I.

We were also extremely blessed to be given a giant box of second-hand clothes for Cub. As you can see she appreciated them – although not immediately in the normal way. This wonderful gift was from an awesome family of Gambles, which includes Gillian, who is currently attempting (amongst many things) to raise money for Action on Depression – if you can help go take a look.

One of the big lessons that Bear and I learnt this week was that babies don’t appreciate being as social as you might like. This is understandable when you think that so much is new and there’s an incredible amount to take in when visiting so many places and people. Make sure you give them a break once in a while, somewhere quiet and calm, just to recuperate, rest and let their brains relax.

Finally, I’m going to use a bit of time to talk about our holiday house. We were very lucky to find somewhere at relatively short notice over a busy season. The pictures may have been pristine but I never really trust images on websites because I’ve been tricked before. However, we arrived to a beautiful house with every possible comfort. The owners had put out garden furniture expecting good weather, there was not one, but two, high chairs available, a large open plan living space and doors opening to a clean garden, three large comfortable bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one extra downstairs toilet. It was so easy to feel at home… just a very nice home you don’t actually own and is much cleaner than your own…

Sunset in St Andrews. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.
Sunset in St Andrews. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.

As it was located on one of the main streets, within easy walking distance of basically everything including the beach, it had great views whether you were looking down the stony walkways, or across the rooftops to the sea beyond. We enjoyed every bit of this location and house, and it made it very easy to visit another nice restaurant: Westport Bar & Kitchen.

The food was good, the cocktail (and mocktail) menu vast, and the service great. Bear has had better burgers, but the haggis, neeps and tatties starter kept us all happy and in general we were satisfied by the end of the evening. Good banter was had by all and Cub was very welcome. There was the basic provision of baby changing facilities, and although it didn’t quite match the standard of the hamper found at Mitchells and The Dolls House, we were still quite satisfied.

We were also very lucky to grab the last table, seemingly in town, over the weekend, so were happy to have received good service and not been left the dregs of possible eateries. A little further to walk to bed, but probably just as well knowing the contents of our bellies and the food coming the next day…


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