The Trouble With Dragons, Debi Gliori

8/52, 6th May 2014, Week 19 (about 10 books behind… moving on through!)

I’m reading to Cub and they are gorgeous books, some of which I love. Despite them being much shorter this is not a cop out: I do feel we should be discussing them with as much of a standard as you would in anything else. If you don’t want to read them – why would your child?

I picked up this book a number of years ago loving the fact I seemed to have found a fun, colourful book about dragons. Sadly I was a little disappointed. Although the book is beautifully illustrated, styled nicely and has in points a decent bouncy rhythm, there is something missing.

The problem is that instead of heart, this book seems to preach. Now I am aware of a number of books I read as a child that had a moral message, but there was still a story, still a child-like innocence too them. This has none of the subtlety. It is a fair message, but a blunt one, to be more eco-friendly. It’s a message I believe in, but I wish the soul hadn’t been lost in the process.


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