Mama, Do You Love Me? Barbara M. Joosse


9/52, 6th May 2014, Week 19 (about 9 books behind… getting there!)

I’m reading to Cub and they are gorgeous books, some of which I love. Despite them being much shorter this is not a cop out: I do feel we should be discussing them with as much of a standard as you would in anything else. If you don’t want to read them – why would your child?

 Do I love this book? YES! It is a lovely balance between beauty, education, and soul. You wander through these artistic images, weaving through a simple but sometimes mysterious language, and arrive at a story of devotion between mother and daughter.

Barbara M. Joosse introduces us to the Inuit people in a gentle and fascinating way. The book also includes a glossary of information at the back that is neither patronising nor boring but could easily be included at bedtime to inspire a dream or two. I happily read this over and over to my baby and she doesn’t yet have any clue what I’m saying.

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