Sabbath: Sacrificing Social Media

I have long believed that we should enjoy a day off each week from work. In the past it has allowed me to be rested, social, creative and freed from feeling stuck on a hamster wheel where the everyday tasks just circle back round to me again.

Grief & Giving

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. It was the first day of Lent but also the day we buried my uncle. These were my thoughts as we journeyed north for the funeral.

Losing Someone Never Found

I have been trying to get to grips with a loss in our family. What makes it really difficult, isn’t the grief exactly, but more that I don’t really know the person I’m grieving for. There are many reasons for this, some which I won’t go into because it’s not my story to tell, others…

Golden Nugget: Genesis

At Rayleigh Vineyard we get people to give small (2-3 minute) talks on a theme, sharing their personal thoughts on the bible, and being a little bit of extra theology and bible study to get people thinking. We call this a Golden Nugget. I thought I would share mine occasionally as they a big bit…

It’s Just Theology

The Just Theology Symposium is an event I am hoping to take a group of Rayleigh Vineyarders too this year and while praying and thinking about this I collected some thoughts together. Some of this I have already spoken about at Rayleigh Vineyard, but I felt that it might be relevant to someone out there…

No More For Me?

I made a big decision over the last year, one that took Bear a bit by surprise but after a lot of conversations he’s been wonderfully supportive. I decided that I will never again be pregnant*.